mercilessly. "Yeah熟妇人妻激情偷爽文

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mercilessly. "Yeah熟妇人妻激情偷爽文

DISCLAIMER: I'D ADVISE READING CHAPTER ONE-TWO AHEAD OF THIS.Chapter 3 Outside I felt the hot sun caress my face as I stepped out onto the public street. Looking back, I could see my Mother's slightly bruised face disappearing behind the door to my house. That was probably wise, there were men on the street, and it wouldn't be safe if someone noticed that I wasn't in the house. My Hot! As! Fuck! Sister Kelly had done a runner sometime during the night and hadn't returned this morning, leaving me with the job of finding her before she got raped or killed. The call had gone out, and M-day had happened only a week before, but my Sister didn't seem to be getting the picture. She didn't have rights anymore, no woman in the entire country did. God, I hoped she hadn't gone out and joined a girl-gang, she could get hurt that way. She was my Sister, and I loved her, there's no way anybody I was going to let anyone touch her but me. The street led either northeast or southwest. Feeling around in my pocket, I found a coin. "Heads or tails?" I said to no one as I flick the coin in the air, "northeast it is." Looking around as I walked down the street, the changes since M-day were noticeable, and not all of them good. For example, there were infrequent stains of blood here and there along the footpath where 'unresolved altercations' had occurred between men and women. Also every now and then you could hear a faint scream off in the distance. I figured I'd better enjoy the Bliss while it lasted, at this rate, it wasn't going to be around for much longer. Where we lived was right on the northern edge of town. It wasn't a large town, barely five thousand people in it, although you could probably bring that down to four thousand since M-day. Just then, I heard a loud scream closed by that sounded like Kelly's voice. Taking a sharp left, I headed down the closest alleyway towards the sound of her cry. "I don't know who you are, but nobody touches my sister but me." Coming around the corner, at the end of the alley, I was awoken to a scene of violence. Huddled in the middle of the alley, were my Sister, and what was left of her friends, surrounded by a group of men hurling abuse at them. Except for the body. One girl who looked to be in her late teens was lying in the gutter against a wall with a large wound on the top side of her head, I was pretty sure she was dead. "Oi, you guy's, I don't care what you do with the rest of them, but the blonde one's my Sister, and she belongs to me." "Martin!" Kelly screamed at me, "please, do something." I felt the thumping at my temples again as Kelly pleaded with me. This was what I had wanted somewhere in the back of my mind the whole time. I wanted my Sister begging for my mercy, subservient as a complete slut. "I call bullshit, I don't believe she's your Sister, she's way too hot, and your, well, not..." The thumping at my temple's intensified, as I began to picture what I would do to My Sister now that Ihad found her. I would take her home with me and plug her senseless, from morning until night."Prove it to us that she's yours,Fuck one of her friends senseless right here in front of us, and we'll let you take her." Proof huh, they needed proof, I'd give them proof. "Kelly, which one of these girls is your best friend at the moment?" I asked, trying to get the best response. "Alice," said Kelly, nudging forward the brunette with the absolutely beautiful, perfectly proportioned childbearing hips next to her. "You Bitch! I can't believe you would betray me like that," Alice began ranting as I grabbed her roughly by the wrist and yanked her to her feet. "Oh, beautiful Alice, are you a virgin? Cause if so, it won't be for much longer," I whispered Gleefully in her ear. That shocked her into silence. For a couple of seconds at least, and then she started shrieking as I shoved her face-first into the alley wall.Holding her head against the wall with one hand, I ripped her down shorts with the other. "My, my, Alice, what a beautifully well-trimmed Cunt! you have." I whispered, after inhaling deeply from down there, " It's a shame, really..." That drew a few chuckles from my audience. Then the thumping at my temples maxed out,天天摸夜夜添添到高潮水汪汪 and I let the beast inside me take over. Thrusting hard, I managed to reach full penetration on my first thrust. The only thing I could hear was the insane thumping at my temple's as I began to viciously destroy her virgin Cunt! I was still able to make out the pain and fear in what I could see Alice's face as I continued to plough away, mercilessly. "Yeah, you like that, don't you, stupid Cunt! You like it when a ManDom forces you into something you don't want to do. You like the feeling of losing all power of the situation, right? Slut? well, your dream's about to come true." With that, I pulled her head back by the hair to stare deep into her crystal blue eyes. Something in them changed, and she realised that this was it. I then proceeded to smash her face against the wall once every thrust over and over again until I came. Looking down into my hands, I saw nothing but a bloody pulp where her face should have been. She was no longer with us. I let her body collapse into a pool of blood in the gutter as I zipped up my pants and dusted off my hands. "Right," I said, looking around at my 'compatriots', "I'll be taking my Sister with me now. Kelly get the fuck over here now you useless piece of filth!" There wasn't a single protestation as I gripped My Sister roughly by the wrist and dragged her away behind me. They were all left speechless. I walked around the corner, yanking Kelly behind me and started walking home fast as I could, without raising suspicion. I had just killed someone, and the only way I could justify the act was to save my disobedient little Sister, but Murder, Holy FUCK! I began to tremble as I walked, I was a murderer now. Well not technically because women no longer had rights, but still... About halfway down the alleyway, I stopped, spun around and slapped my Sister as hard as I could. "WTF!, do realise that I just to committed murder to save you, right?" Kelly did nothing but nod and looked back at me fearfully. "Good!" I said, and then not knowing what else to say, "Let's got home then.""Mom, unlock the door. I have Kelly with me, she's ok, don't worry." A scratching sound came from the front lock and then my Mother threw open the front door, a look of joy on her face as she threw her arm's around us and quickly beckoned us in. "Kelly has finally had a taste of the real world and realises how dangerous it is out there now," I explained this to my Mother, as we walked inside. She was giving me an odd look after observing Kelly's subservient manner. "Mom, I'm sorry, but you won't need to come to my room tonight," I began, "Kelly has earnt some punishment time." I could see my Mother's face go from gleeful joy at seeing her two children alive and well to horror at what I had said in an instant. "But Martin, you promised me you wouldn't! That's why I have been coming to you willingly, night and day. Please, Martin, for the sake of her innocence?" "Sorry Mom," I said, staring back at her beautiful aquamarine eyes until she looked away. "Besides, she's not innocent, she knows all about what the big wide world is really like, now. I suspect that she's known for quite some time actually, but this has been her first real taste of having absolutely no rights." "Please..." she pleaded once more, looking back at me with puppy eyes. "NO!" I almost shouted, "Mom, go to your room and take some snack's and a few bottle's of water with you. I don't want you coming out until tomorrow morning, Got It?" She nodded and kept her head down as she scurried over to the kitchen to get prepped for what was going to be a long night for her. "Now, Dear Sister," I said, a broad grin coming to my face as I spun around to face Kelly. "How long has it been since you've seen the inside of my room, hmm?" As she looked back at me with that fearful expression that she'd been wearing since I found her, I wondered if what I was about to do would change things between us. After all, I loved my Sister deeply, she was Family, and you know what they always say... Family sticks together.

“故事是非线性的,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事,在这个共享的开放世界中熟妇人妻激情偷爽文,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。


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