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"Those are Lauren, Samantha, and my rooms. All of which you must meet the owners of said rooms first, it’s a simple tradition. Well that and I have to say if a boy can go in or not. And you will be sleeping in the guest room. All of your things have been moved in already." "All I can say is thank you so much, so very much for being so hospitable to me. I figure the least I can do is help cook and clean." cooking and clean was nothing new to me I loved helping my family..before I died and I could cook very well in fact. I plopped down on my new king sized bed and flicked the tv on to see the news of mine and jordans death. Odly I was satisfied I got a second chance at life…he was just a waste of it in my eyes. I was famished and found what appeared to be a minifridge by my bed and opened it up to find a bottle of A+ blood and I drank it like it was a regular soda and soon my hunger faded and I was left feeling powerful in a way I guess. I fixed my eyes on the tv and didn’t even realise lexi had crept into my room, and like a ninja she attacked. "How is my newly blooded king feeling after his first taste of blood?"Her eyes scanned my body. I was shirtless and gymshort clad. She had me pinned, straddling me and I was like a deer in head lights. She was stunning. A baggy T-shirt and spandex shorts. " I uhm I feel better yea." I squeaked out. "Is something the matter sam? Never seen a woman before silly?" And with that she laid into a kiss like ive never felt before. I felt passion, lust, remorse, and an animalistic need for sex. I broke away and she told me of how she saw my true self when she read my mind and fell for me and as she was saying that I invaded her brain and my jaw dropped she was all I ever wanted and I was taken aback. "I think were gonna get to know each other very quickly." we both said and laughed as she worked her hands down my chest kissing my neck and collar bone softly. I quickly grabber her hips and moaned as she bit down after every kiss, slowly approaching my waist. " Holy christ lex you're too good at this." I managed to moan out. By that point I was squirming and writhing, but something was keeping me stationary. It was her mental power, she was holding me down with her mind! This girl can do it all. As I looked down she was grinning ear to ear and then took my whole cock deep in her mouth. "DEAR SWEET FUCK!" I cried out as she drooled on my cock. " If you keep this up ill cum in no time" Lexi popped my cock out of her mouth smirking. " Have you earned it sammy? Have you really earned it?" She asked in an assertive tone. All the while gripping my cock like it was the thing keeping her alive. " Yes! Yes, ive earned it Lexi…please fuck me?" I was reduced to a whimpering begging fool by this seductress, yet I loved being some ones palything. " Well its late hot stuff, but..youve got the biggest cock ive ever seen. That’s a solid eight inches!" she winked and walked out to her room. And there I was, hard naked alone and left to gather my self, so I went into the garage and hopped into my cadilac, opened the garage door and took off,日本xxxx丰满超清hd turbos winding engine roaring down I-12. I came upon a lot full of cars, street race cars. I hopped out and started looking around at the eclipses, SRX's and a few skylines and GTR's. "Tan much?!" A gruff deep voice yelled from a 1970 chevelle. "nah hauss I spent too much time on this fucker!" I jokingly said pointing at my new caddy.- "Well well 07 DTS 4.6 northstar V8 with a straight pipe?" I told him no and as the man got closer he stood an easy six two and had biceps the size of watermelons. " No sir 6.2 with twin v1200 turbos. And some bass but I rebuilt it after I flipped it and cracked the engine block." I gawked at this mans stature. He seemed to command the whole lot and dictate it all. "names Vincent, vincent blackmon." we shook hands and we both talked about how each of us were from a small town in alabama and then I asked, hastily,"wanna race?" He looked at me like I just asked for a million bucks and just laughed. "maybe when you aint riding in a granny car!" As he walked away a young lady approached me wearing a bandanna over her nose and mouth and was pale as I was but I had no vibes from her if she had any to give off and it was scary, like she was some kinda racing machine. "I'll race ya! Get to the line now!" we both got in our cars and headed to the line and strapped in knowing what we were doin was highly deadly not that it'd kill me. She was in a honda civic 2001 with blue underglow and a blacked out paintjob. Racers get ready!!! A voice boomed over the roar of engines. SET!!!.....GO!!! And with that we shot off and already off the block I was at 6000 RPMs and climbing. We were going 135 easy down I-12 and neither one of us had an edge and then I got impatient and floorboarded it…right into her trap. I heard a hiss and she hit her nitros and was gone, and I was left a quarter mile behind her gawking. That mother fucker I thought. I reached her car and she told me to follow her to her place, and so I did. But as we got closer I realized where we were and sure enough I was home at Emily's mansion. I got out of my cadillac and watched her closely. "who are you? Are you lauren or samntha?" She remained quiet and took her bandanna off and my jaw dropped. I knew this girl. It was my ex girlfriend..lauren smith and somehow I never put two and two together. Id seen her and her mother several times in public. "so where did they drag your pathetic ass up from? Arent you dead or some shit?" she hissed. "yea fuck you too you have no right to be mad at me anyway! You left me because I wasn’t a good enough fuck for you!" *whack* A swift boot heel to the chin was her response and just stood there bleeding and healing slowly. Her eyes went wide as dinner plates and she grabbed me by my neck lifting me up and reading every thought I had. "So your sister…and that wreck I heard about and you dying…why'd you have to do it? Why for her? Shes your sister yea but shes gone you cant help that you fuck up." I just hung there glaring at her, stabbing her eyes with mine and she released me. " im sorry it all had to happen…I don’t hate you I just never thought id get the chance to say something I shoulda said your sophmore year…im sorry sam..i shoulda seen how great of a guy you were." she bolted into the house and up into her room.It all came back to me..they moved out here in this huge place from the inner city to hide…I remember all of it how they used to live a block away and I remember she always brought me over when no one was home. Now It makes sense why lexi seemed so familiar with me the day I died..she either felt sorry for me or was interested in what lauren missed out on two years ago. I slowly walked in to see lexi and her mother piled up on the couch watching True blood and eating popcorn which was odd considering vampires drink blood? But there was this red dust which seemed to replace butter that coated each piece. "Don’t stand there like a knob on a log sweetie!" Come join us! Emily patted the space between them. Looking at her more intensely Emily had the bod most men die for nice wide hips a tiny waist and some of the biggest boobs on a woman her size, must be DD's. I sat there watching, ingulfed in the plot and eating popcorn..like I was normal again. But what I didn’t see was the wordless, mother daughter conversation going on and before I knew it I had both women curled up to me and me being the man I was wrpped my arms around them both. " How was the race sammy?" Lexi asked me through a yawn. " I uh I don’t..what race I just went to clear my mind." Boy was I lying my ass off and they fucking knew it. " don’t play dumb with me young man! I know you were out there we were in your mind during whole thing and I have to say im very upset you just up and left!" Emily was really scolding me about this. She looked deep into my eyes and sighed. " im sorry for what lauren did to you sweetie..shes can be a ruthless man eater. Ill talk to her tommorow about it all. Now that I know why she did to you what she did and why she never told me. Now off to bed both of you!" Lexi and I smiled at each other and went upstairs and parted ways for now. What a hell of a week!



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